Anthony G.

I have been a customer of Salesleads.tv for over four years. If I ever have an issue John is quick to make it right. It is always a pleasure to work with John and his team.

Janice C.

The Leads I received from John are some of the best leads I have. I’m finding people are receptive to my call and really are looking for a franchise. I’d highly recommend using John’s services!


Thank you, John, Your big dog leads have been excellent closing several deals. One client, in particular, started with one simple sculpture then later purchased 8 more total 800,000.00. We appreciate the relationship!


Addy, whatever you guys are doing keep doing!!! I made 32 cold calls today from your first list I opened and converted 6 callers to hard prospect who kept me on call 30 min plus, qualified and requested info… The pic below green lines represents such guys.. I’m super impressed, look forward to next round.

Richard B.

I have been purchasing leads from John Fischer for the past 20 years. John has recently acquired a database named “Big Dogs” with potential customers that are qualified accredited investor with a quarter million dollars in risk capital and a minimum $5,000,000 net worth. In the last 3 months, I have raised $2,500,000 from the purchase of these “Big Dog” leads. John has always come through for me if there are any leads that are disconnected, wrong numbers, etc. John replaces them, no questions asked. He is a man of his word and doing business with John is always a profitable and pleasurable experience. Not only does he provide me with phenomenal leads, he also entertains me with his weekly video updates.

Stanley P

I would like to thank you for the accredited investor leads you sent me this week. After 40 years in the brokerage business as an A.P. and CEO of an introducing brokerage firm, I have never been shown the care and professional help you have given me. I am impressed with both the quality of the leads and the service I have received. I am also impressed with your guidance through the FTC Do-Not-Call registration process. I will be sure to recommend your firm as a great source of leads to any associate that may be in need of your services. Looking forward to a long relationship with your company.

Tom B.

I just wanted to take this time to give you a compliment and a “Good Job!” The Big Dogs have surpassed all of my expectations. At first I thought it was you, a great salesman, hyping his product, but now I’m assured they were everything you promised and more. I have raised a few million from them and still have many left that I believe will eventually invest. You deserve a thumbs up and I just want to acknowledge you; this was the best return on my investment ever.

Darren D.

I would like to start by saying that I placed an order with Salesleads.tv about month ago and they were pretty insistent that I sign the invoice and get it back to them immediately. Now, briefly I would like to state that we spend probably 10k a month on data for our closer’s and 95% of the time we don’t get what we ordered, so of course I didn’t sign the form and just threw my top sales consultants on the new data. Well needless to say, not only was the data effective, it was exactly what we ordered and very profitable. If you’re like us and need reliable, accurate, qualified data on a regular basis you have found the place to get it, plain and simple. The data was DNC compliant and qualified perfectly as per our requirements. There is no need to look elsewhere, if you are looking for investors that actually have money, are accredited and active, you’ll get them here!

Cord J.

John, I got back into the oil and gas business about a year ago. I gave you and two other guys one third of my business to see who really has the best leads and best service.. obviously you have won. Your leads are super important. They are not beat up (you're a 1 man operation like me) but most importantly all the people listen and have money. That's all that counts. In the last year you've sent me 1 bad file and you reacted in 1/2 an hour. I want to give you a heads up and thank you for your professionalism.. and most important of all, I enjoyed doing business with you. You are not only a vendor but you're a good guy with integrity. RARE THESE DAYS.

Thanks again.


John, I want to start by saying obviously like most customers I was hesitant at first to do business over the phone especially for leads which happen to be the line of my business. At the end of the day after speaking with John who is very attentive knows his business in and out and is the real deal, I decided to give him a shot. Am I glad that I did we are on our second irder within the first 30 days he is a man of his word and has integrity which is hard to find in this industry. As faw as the quality of the leads if we are on our second order in 30 days that speaks volumes I look forward to building a lasting relationship and referring anyone that I know looking for a reputable company for leads. Thanks again John you're the man!