is a lead list service provider of the lists that we sell. What this means, simply, is that every list that a client orders is cleaned and scrubbed against the DNC (Do Not Call Registry) as well as the 11 that have their own DNC’s. Selling a list is half the process–servicing our clients’ list is the other, equally important part of the process.

Every Lead List a Client Orders from is Cleaned and Scrubbed

There are hundreds of ways to obtain a list, however if that list is not scrubbed every 30 days, you or your company run the risk of breaking FTC compliance. Not to mention, the number of disconnects and wrong numbers will continue to pile up until the list dwindles down to less than half of what you originally bought. A professional list service provider scrubs your list every 30 days and keeps you compliant with the FTC. goes the extra mile and even REPLACES your disconnects 2 for 1. It is how we maintain the integrity of our own database as well as a long-term relationship with our clients.