Hi, buddy. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Salesleads TV. Why am I wearing the toysforbigboys shirt. Because it’s one of our company’s great Tshirt. Right? Check this out. Anyway, you should look at that website.

It’s got a lot of really, really good stuff, and it’s one of our really, really good websites. I love it. But anyway, let’s get down to a credit investor lead. So we know what an accredited investor probably won a cracker.

An accredited investor makes 200,000 a year for the last two years. God, if I haven’t said that a billion times. I haven’t said it a million times. I haven’t said it once. 200,000 income. Last two years, million.

That we’re not including his home experience in managing his personal portfolio, our leads are vetted by a broker dealer. He asks him, hey, is $50 to $100,000 a comfortable entry level for you? Is it risk capital?

And then they mail the guy a private place of memorandum. So not only is he a credit investor, he’s a vetted accredited investor. And, of course, what’s lead? Lead is a name, address and a phone number.

That’s what a lead is. When the police gets a lead, it’s a name and address and phone number of a person of interest in the financial world or any kind of insurance or whatever it may be. A lead is a name, address and a phone number.

So let’s break it down. The Accredited Investor. You know what it is. And the Accredited Investor lead is what we sell. 32 years a plus rating. PP. Crema is what they’re called. PP stands for private Placement.

Crema stands for the cream of the crop. Fifty cents. Ten thousand and forty cents. And look at my intro video, and I’ll tell you all about what we do as far as vetting, DNC and stuff like that. If you have any questions about our credit investor lead or leads, feel free to call me, John Fisher, at 561-239-0364.

Have a beautiful day and God bless.