Virtually everyone can benefit from buying sales leads, so when it comes down to who should buy sales leads the answer is – anyone who wants to make more money.

Let’s face it, sales is a competitive industry with everyone competing to close deals first.

What often takes the most amount of time is cultivating a list to call from. Anyone who needs to research names and phone numbers is going to be spending more time on research than they are dialing. This is a colossal waste of time because for salespeople to make money, the need to be on the phone or meeting a prospect face-to-face. Purchasing a leads list helps to expedite that process.

Who should buy sales leads?

For the past 29 years, John Fisher has been providing high-quality, accurate leads list to salespeople throughout the country. During that time, our company has worked with salespeople in virtually every industry. Here are just a few examples of the industries we work with who have had incredible success with our leads list.

1. Mortgage industry

In a growing economy like the one we have today, many people are purchasing homes, buying vacation properties and purchasing rentals. This creates a lot of opportunity for mortgage loan officers who want to increase their purchase or refi business. Having a lead list to call from makes it possible to contact homeowners faster.

2. Financial advisors and investment professionals

Financial professionals often use our lead list so they can contact accredited investors who have a high net worth. This is especially important for professionals who are looking for people with disposable income that may be inclined to invest or become regular clients. These individuals are definitely harder to find so purchasing an accredited investor lead list saves a lot of time. These types of sales leads can only be found through certain organizations, ours being one of them.

3. Growing businesses

Growing businesses of all types will contact us and purchase sales leads list because it gives them a fast way to try and gain a competitive advantage over the competition. When it comes down to a first mover advantage for attracting customers on a new product or service, using an accurate lead list makes it so much easier to close deals and capture market share. When time is of the essence, working from an accurate sales leads list is truly the best way to go.

4. Precious metals industry

Investors who are looking to hedge their bets against inflation and wanting to put money into a tangible item are choosing to invest in precious metals in spades. Whether this comes down to investing directly in gold or silver or purchasing coins, this growing business is certainly worth putting the time and energy into cultivating. Starting with the right lead list makes it possible to capture some of the market share and do so fast.

5. Oil and gas industry

Another popular tangible investment is oil and gas. Even with the increased interest in alternative energy sources, oil and gas is still critical worldwide. People who are looking to sell investment in oil and gas need an accredited investor leads list to work from. This is something that we supply and have done so quite successfully.

6. Insurance

Everyone needs an insurance policy. This means that virtually anyone can become a customer. The challenge is trying to find new customers to be able to offer them a competitive insurance policy. Working from a lead list makes it easy to call a certain number of prospects every day so the deals can be closed faster. Since insurance is a business where agents make money on renewables, putting time and effort into growing that business upfront is certainly worth it. Purchasing a high-quality lead list is part of that investment and definitely worth the energy.

Start with the best sales leads

Cold calling is not always easy. It can take energy, focus and time. Starting with the best leads can help salespeople to close deals faster and to ensure that that time is well spent. At,  our goal is to make sure that our customers are as successful as possible because when you make money, we make money. That’s because we know that customers who are satisfied keep coming back year after year to purchase new lead list. If you are looking to close more deals in 2019, we want to be your provider choice. For the best possible leads, contact us today.

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