“Always Be Closing” – this famous sales leads quote comes from the movie Glen Gary, Glen Ross.  If you are looking for sales inspiration, this movie is full of classic lines and at least a few laughs. 

While over the top at times, the movie did get a few things right.  If you aren’t closing deals than you are not succeeding and in order to close more sales you need better leads.

Leads Have a Limited Life Cycle. 

Whether you are buying leads or cultivating your own list, the information is only good for so long.  Eventually, people move away, leave to work for another company, or have their needs change.  Having a name with the incorrect phone number or address is a waste of time, money and resources.  Up to date and current information is needed in order to close more sales.

Working from a Quality Sales Leads List is the First Step to Success. 

When you know whom you are calling, have accurate contact information, and know what they may need, you will have a far greater chance of success.  In other words, the more information you have, the better.

When buying sales leads narrow down your focus and try to go after a specific type of customer.  Here are some things to consider when reviewing your average customer profile.

  • Male or Female.  Is there a difference in buying habits between males and females when it comes to your product or service?  For example, if you are selling a membership to a lady’s gym, you very obviously would not want a lead list full of mens names.
  • Average Age.  What age group is your client normally in?  This is extremely important for improving your closing ratio.  People selling funeral services probably don’t want to call on prospects in their twenties.
  • Location.  If you are selling a product or service that people need to be local in order to use, make sure that your lead list is narrowed down by zip code.  Regardless of whether you are promoting a new car dealership, time share, or dental plan, make sure that you are calling people in the area that is close to your service offerings.
  • Income.  When you analyze your target customer, review how much money the average customer makes.  If you are selling a service geared toward high income families, you don’t want to call on people that cannot afford it.  While they may get excited, they won’t be able to purchase which wastes your time.

By understanding who your primary clients are, you can obtain a sales leads list that has those type of prospects on it.  When you make your calls, you will be able to do so knowing that every person you speak with has the potential for becoming a customer.  This will save you time, help you to make more money, and increase your closing ratio.  In the words of Alec Baldwin, “Always Be Closing” and start today by ordering a new leads list.