In a booming industry, precious metal leads are a key way to attract investors. Creating an investor profile is an important step in the process. First, consider the type of investor you are trying to target and what you think they may be interested in. For example, many people that invest in hard assets like precious metals do so as a way to protect themselves against inflation or the dollar losing value. By understanding their key motivations, you will be better equipped to close the sale.

Solidify your investment opportunity by writing a memo executive summary and private placement memorandum, if necessary. Creating your investment documents and materials prior to calling will help you to stay organized and on point when speaking with prospective investors. It is also wise to write down some key talking points and statistics prior to calling your precious metal leads. These investors are likely to be already familiar with the industry, so it is important for you to deliver key information that is backed up by data and research. Be prepared to site your sources and explain where your data has come from in case they have read something that contradicts it. Becoming an expert in the industry is important when calling educated investors.

Precious metal leads are typically comprised of investors that have researched the industry enough to know that investing in precious metals and other hard assets can be a way to protect their financial future from market volatility. When speaking with them, you can reference this common understanding and use it as a discussion tool for establishing common ground. Many investors prefer to work with companies and brokers that they can connect with. Creating that personal relationship can help you to establish an opportunity to direct their investments in the long-term.

Plan out the steps you will take to close the sale. This should start with how you will get precious metal leads to what you will do once you contact them and the steps to close. Consider what information you will provide, when and how you will deliver it, and what questions investors may ask. You need to be able to answer them, overcome objections, and create enough interest that an investor wants to move to the next step. Create a combination of marketing and educational material that works for a variety of investors.

Once prepared, you can purchase precious metal leads from As a leads broker, we are able to secure targeted leads for you to contact. Instead, of calling a wide variety of people that may or may not be interested in the industry, we can provide a list of people that have expressed interested and would be best suited to your opportunity. The ability to narrow down your lead list will save you time and money while increasing your closing ratio. Our team of experts can help to identify exactly what you need, so call 1-800-590-5323 to get started.